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The Race Is On: Tips for Healthy Eating On the Go

[fa icon="calendar"] Jun 3, 2016 12:00:00 AM / by Katie Kiely



Meeting One ran over. Meeting Two starts in 10 minutes. You’re starving. Uh, oh! You left your healthy lunch at home. There’s no time to get healthy food, or any food. The race is on… get ready… get set…

Run to the elevator. Well, don’t really run, everyone will stare. Walk fast! Phew! Some wonderful person already pressed “down.” Ding! It’s here. Fantastic! Someone already pressed “lobby.” Oh, no! You’re stopping at floor 3 to let people in. Why can’t they just take the stairs? It’s only four floors. Ding! You’re in the lobby, and your healthy eating on the go choices are…

The delectable delights on the food cart consist of stale bagels, an object that looks like it used to be a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (which wouldn’t be too bad, if it weren’t for the white bread and diabetes-inducing jelly), a guess-your-meat hero (sorry, there’s no time for guessing) and chemical-infested snack cakes. Don’t even bother with the cafeteria, you know the line is way too long. Vending machine it is! Good thing you have all that change in your pocket. Oh, you don’t. Better hope it takes dollar bills. Woo Hoo! It does. Now choose wisely. Peanuts (even if they are a little too salty) and a bottle of water are your best options. Yes! You made it with time to spare!


Here are some tips for healthy eating on the run.

An Apple a Day…
It’s easy to get your daily servings of fruits and vegetables if you always keep them with you. Simply place a banana, apple or carrots in your desk drawer or car so you’ll always have something healthy to eat... and it’s better than eating from the vending machine.

Healthy Food, Fast
If you have no choice but to eat fast food, opt for smaller portions. Consider a children’s meal or small French fries; requested, of course, with no salt. Better still, get a salad with dressing on the side as the dressing is where you’ll consume the most calories.

A better choice than fast food is a local deli where you can order a sandwich on whole wheat bread or wrap. A veggie wrap or turkey sandwich, with mustard instead of mayo, is a good calorie-conscious, low-fat meal on the run. If you must have mayo, use it sparingly as a tablespoon of mayo has about 100 calories!

No Fry Zone
Yes, chicken is a healthier choice than red meat. However, if it’s breaded or fried, the calorie and fat content are very high. Instead, always select grilled over fried. Your arteries will thank you.

Always drink water throughout the day. Avoid sugary drinks as they only offer empty, unwanted calories and will eventually rot your teeth. Ewww! Simply keep bottled water with you at all times so you’ll always be hydrated. Even better, if you drink one before each meal, you’ll feel fuller faster and eat less.

Heart Smart
Healthy eating on the go is easy when you know how and what to eat. An excellent resource for healthy nutrition, recipes and tips for making healthy choices when dining out is the American Heart Association’s Nutrition Center.

Here’s to a happy, healthy you! 


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Katie Kiely

Written by Katie Kiely